"NOT your typical wait 2 hours for a 10 min rushed visit. The staff is wonderful and always happy and Dr Hartman is kind and very thoughtful. LOVE THIS DR!!!"

~ Leah T.
Collagen is a substance used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to smooth facial wrinkles. It is also the naturally occurring compound that gives skin its substance and flexibility. As people age, the breakdown of collagen is responsible for many signs of aging. Radiesse is a dermal-filler that is able to cause the skin to produce its own new collagen.
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Actual RADIESSE Patient.
Individulal results may vary
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All fillers are injected into the deep layers of skin to replace volume that is lost over time through natural aging processes, sun exposure, smoking and application of makeup. Radiesse is different because it is able to encourage skin cells to produce collagen on their own. This provides a more lasting result. Because the collagen is actually manufactured by the skin, the results of the injection of Radiesse may not be apparent immediately. Therefore, Radiesse is the filler of choice for the patient with experience with other fillers. The improvement in appearance from Radiesse can take time to fully take effect. The effects of Radiesse are known to last as long as one year from the time that the procedure is performed. Typically, one procedure is sufficient to achieve the desired effect. The procedure may be repeated as natural processes in the skin gradually degrade the product.
Radiesse has some limitations. Because the product is heavier and made of larger molecules; it is ideal for deeper lines and folds and should not be used for superficial fine lines. Radiesse may rarely lead to discoloration and lumps that may be treated. Numbing shots similar to those performed at the dentist's office are usually given to make the procedure more comfortable.
It is important to understand that at the Skin Wellness Center of Alabama, Dr. Hartman always uses Radiesse that was made for use here in the United States. Our priority is your safety and pleasure with the cosmetic result you will experience with this elective treatment.
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Actual RADIESSE Patient.
Individulal results may vary
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